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LUSH Cosmetics Review - Mask of Magnaminty

All right, here is my first LUSH review! Today, I am going to talk about this product because it was one of the first LUSH products I purchased in 2010.

This product is called Mask of Magnaminty. It is a deeply cleansing facial and body mask. Its ingredients each have their own purpose in order to make this mask suitable for all skin types. The product has peppermint and China clay that deeply cleanses in your pores to remove the debris in your skin, aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness, and honey for soothing the skin.

As this was my first LUSH product, it served me well! When I had put Mask of Magnaminty on my face, I could smell the crisp, fresh scent of peppermint. Since I tend to like scents like this, I was able to feel myself relax. All the while waiting for the mask to dry until I washed it off, I could feel my skin tingling. Since I had my share of acne, I was pretty excited on how this would turn out.

Lo and behold, it turned out well, though it was a very pleasant surprise. My skin felt soft and smooth and it felt so clean. Since the peppermint smell still lingered, I felt honestly refreshed. It helped with the skin texture and my skin didn’t dry out from it at all. Not only that, but my blackheads disappeared from my nose when I washed Mask of Magnaminty off of my face! I consider that an additional bonus since I really do have a hard time dealing with them as they’re difficult to get rid of compared to the whiteheads. It’s also gentle to the skin, which is good for me since I have very sensitive skin and my face can’t handle harsh treatment.

Only con I give this? :P It’s messy, so be careful when applying it on! I suggest doing this in the bathroom, where you can let Mask of Magnaminty fall into the sink as you put it on.

I definitely recommend this to anyone!

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